Affiliate Program

ByBet.Casino is excited to launch its new Partnership Program. Our Partnership Program has a variety of levels and was created to make promoting ByBet.Casino a much more lucrative opportunity.

ByBet.Casino's Partnership Program allows affiliates to maximise their earnings by rewarding those who go above and beyond with their promotion.

Our Partnership Program unlocks higher affiliate commission, sponsored Challenges & other unique benefits. Interested? Read the sections below for more information!

Why promote ByBet.Casino?

ByBet.Casino has grown tremendously since its V2 launch within March 2021. We're dedicated to creating unique and fun experiences for our users.

We're proud to be crypto's most rewarding casino. Players enjoy almost 50% of the house edge returned on every bet. Our industry-leading rewards program ensures maximum retention for your referrals.

We also offer experiences that can only be enjoyed at ByBet.Casino. This includes Challenges, Simplified Crypto Trading and X-Roulette.

Many existing affiliates have created a secondary passive income via our base affiliate program.

We anticipate continued growth and have many new and exciting features being launched within the coming months. There's never been a better time to start promoting ByBet.Casino.

Our new Partnership Program signifies the start of many improvements that we'll introduce for affiliates of all sizes. We hope you join us on this journey!


Promising affiliate

Requirement: 100 unique and actively-wagering signups with $100,000 or more wagered by referrals.

Benefits: 20% affiliate commission (+100% on existing).

Esteemed affiliate

Requirement: 500 unique and actively-wagering signups with $1,000,000 or more wagered by referrals.

Benefits: Tailored for your needs. Contact us to get started! Benefits will include but are not limited to, increased affiliate commission & ByBet.Casino-funded Challenges.

If you don't meet the requirements just yet, we wish you the very best of luck for reaching them. We'll be standing by for when you do!


  • Affiliate must exclusively promote ByBet.Casino - we want to ensure we're investing in those who are equally interested in seeing ByBet.Casino grow.
  • Affiliate must represent ByBet.Casino within a good light - first impressions are everything, we care deeply that ByBet.Casino is presented positively.
  • Affiliate must not artificially inflate their affiliate statistics - this can have much more serious consequences such as account action for affiliate abuse.
  • Affiliate must actively promote ByBet.Casino. For streamers, you must stream at least 1 hour of ByBet.Casino each week. For YouTubers, you must upload at least 1 video per week. For website owners, you must maintain promotions for ByBet.Casino, ensuring all displayed information is accurate & updated.
  • Affiliate must notify ByBet.Casino support of new content they have created, videos & live streams will be added to Streams.
  • ByBet.Casino reserves the right to forfeit affiliate benefits if we feel an affiliate isn't adhering to the aforementioned guidelines.


If you think you meet the above requirements and would like to join our Partnership Program, please reach out to our support.

If you have any questions regarding our Partnership Program, you can also reach out to our support team who are standing by ready to help.